The Heart of a Child
Artwork for and by Children

Eleni Schnell


This night was so exciting
I ran into the snow!
This night was so exciting
I just let everything flow!

The sunny sky had fallen
Into a pink red sunset
But all I see now inside the sky
is snow, snow, falling...

Bobby Britain


The war field was muddy
And we were exhausted
The enemy was furious
But watch out...

We are coming...

Brian Thompson

Jolly Nick

Old jolly Saint Nick
Is coming down the chimney
With presents for the children
Of the world.

He flies into different time zones
With presents for all the children
In the World on the harness
Of eight reindeer that fly.

Cody White

was absent the day we worked on our poetry. But he told me that his picture expresses silliness and joy. Animals fly in the helicopter while the clouds enjoy the sight.

Dan Whetzle

Star Wars

The Empire is evil
and so is it told.
The milllennium is going down.
Luke's ship is going down.

No one knows
Who will win
But a logical guess is...


The guns I carried
brought all of my anger
into light bullets.
I shot alot of men.

But this particular one I shot
made my anger worse. I flet like
shooting everybody. Whoever walked
by me then would die.


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