More Wild Mind from Children

Emily Johnson

In the Middle of Nowhere

I'm in the middle of no where
Very, very confused.
I look all around me
I'm not very amused.

Some parts look upside down.
It doesn't look like my little town.

Maura Ondek

Inside Out

My body skirms.
It is warm and dark.
Inside - wet, smooth, tall;
It is young
and hurts to bump;
The intelligent, sophisticated, bloody look is there.

Reed Confer


Picasso on his dirtbike
Happy as can be
Soaring along the bumps
There are tons of people behind him
Swerving in and out of the cars
"I'm very happy."

Michael Kaskey-Blomain

A Dream

In the mixed up dream
Of little Penny
The mixed up magic played
Houston in the champioship
With one second left
on the clock
Little Penny shot a three to win.
What a dream!

Joe Pasqualichio

A Good Day

to the football
we go.
We start
the game
with a great

Jesse Soifer

A Portion of Me

Two cool eyes are looking
Toward me. I feel
excited as a happy face
pops out at me.
I see a fun portion of me -
A Piscasso.
It has a neat nose,
a hot mouth,
and entertaining eyes.
Suddenly it enters into my mind
and I notice a happy star.
There were lines cutting
The picture into pieces.


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