The Most Wild Mind

Vanessa Hillerman


I have no poem here for Vanessa. Her artwork expresses surprise, shock. We are presented with bright happy colors, silliness, and joy. But what looms right in the core...
...DEATH grinning!

Ton Tulaney

White House

I was in an enormous place!
It was very old and vast.
Famous people lived there.
I didn't know where I was.
I finally found out
the old house
was th White House.

Susan Hall


The lights in the tree were
shining bright.
There were many shining lights.
There were many decorations.
We had many celebrations
Outside, there was alot of snow.
The only thing you could see was
a crow.

Sunit Vekaria

Flakey the Lepor

Flakey the lepor had a very hairy tongue. When he dropped his ear in a can of beer he said,
"I dont care about that!"

On Edward's head there are trees and sleds and dandruff
that looks like snow.
Flakey the lepor had a very happy soul, even though
he was bankrupted and full of mud.
He remained a real good sport.


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