Problem Solving Leadership

December 1998

"The Road to Jemez Springs"

Instructors: David Schmaltz and Eileen Strider

Problem Solving Leadership Workshop (PSL) is a course taught by Weinberg & Weinberg and Associates in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These photos are from the December 1998 session that I attended. The participants were divided into two groups, my group was lead by David and Eileen and these photos are from this group only. The quality of the Polaroids is poor but I tried to color correct them as best as possible. If you have other photos you want me to post, please send them to me.

PSL is a very intense week long course on problem-solving, leadership skills, communication, organizaional structure, and personal discovery. It is often the catalyst for change in those that attend. I continue to grow in discovery as I sort through my feelings (ENFP) and reactions to the workshop. It is an experience I shall never forget. I remain in 're-entry'.

During class, I collected quotes and organized them into poetic prose as my final contribution to the class and Verseworks. Each line contains a quote from my notes. No one is named explicitly but I think you will recognize your words. I take poetic license in assembly and meaning (one of my filters). Send me some of your quotes as prose. I'll post them. Enjoy.

Comedy Club The Whole Gang The Crossroads Team Deep in Thought
Jack at Work ENTs Team Jack-of-all-Trades Team Spinelessly Seeking Zen Team
In Full Comedic Action Planet of the Verseworks Beneath the Planet of the Verseworks Building a House of Cards

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This was my team - 'Crossroads' at the end of a long journey.

Crossroads at the end of the trail

"Some Times: Apostophes in a Self-Organizing Universe"

- quotations from class organized into poetic prose

"Live long and prosper",